I found OneOption last September after struggling as a new trader in another trading room chat that focused on momentum trading. Having lost most of my capital chasing dreams without any idea of what I was doing I found this group and slowly but surely my trading has improved to an amazing degree. I’ve spent the last 6-7 months studying 12-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and trading one share/one contract until profitable for three months in a row which happened about two weeks ago. With all of my newfound knowledge so freely given here I began increasing my trading size last week with amazing results. My win rate has climbed from around 50-60% last August to 75-85% now, and I am hitting my income goals x 2 daily with today being my first four-digit day. The entire system here is truly a gift. I still cannot believe it myself at times. Thank you so much to everyone in the chat. Pete and the other red/orange traders have taught me so much although I don’t participate much in the chat yet I hope to one day.

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