I’ve moved across the US multiple times, graduated with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, built race cars, climbed mountains, taught myself to unicycle, and have done many other objectively difficult things, but trading has by far been the most challenging adventure ever.

OneOption, and its community of incredible traders, have taken THE MOST DIFFICULT career and made it not only possible, but thoroughly enjoyable.

OneOption has two primary characteristics.
1) We use a SIMPLE trading system, with a clearly defined edge, proven every single day, in ALL market conditions.
2) We enjoy highly dedicated professional mentors who demonstrate their skills in numerous ways constantly. The amount of time put in by every community mentor is what truly sets this service apart. You WILL NOT find another community with this level of dedication, raw talent, and unwavering commitment to help growing traders to thoroughly understand the system. More importantly, these mentors help us to understand ourselves, and how we need to think to be consistently profitable.

I have directly benefited by seeing YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars shaved off of my journey, and with that, all of the unnecessary pain that growing traders face trying to make sense of this career on their own, or worse, with those who lead them down the path of scams and lies.

I am at the stage where I’m no longer losing money. I’m trusting myself to trade the edge and have found my own niche of rules and chart patterns that fit within this system. I see other growing traders posting trades along with our mentors, getting real time feedback and suggestions to improve. Every day we get nuggets of pure gold knowledge just by paying attention to the explanations of notable price action and trade ideas. I put in the time to read and re-read our resources, deliberate with the community, and journal my trades in a way I know is leading me to becoming a professional trader.

With the goal of ultimate financial independence that is CONSISTENTLY dependable, no other decision has been as easy as joining and staying with this community. 

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