Option Stalker Web App Walkthrough

Welcome to the Option Stalker walkthrough. Please use it to familiarize yourself with its features. Option Stalker was built to provide the essentials for trading Relative Strength & Weakness with the simple yet powerful method we teach here at OneOption. We hope you enjoy the ability to access watchlists, custom searches, scanners, and live data from anywhere you have a web browser. No broker API. No installation. Just Relative Strength & Weakness, ready to go right out of the box. Open Option Stalker


Lists form the backbone of Option Stalker and will be where you spend most of your time. It is here where you find your watchlists and Custom Searches, plus all the OneOption Preconfigured Scanners.


  1. Always have a view of the market
  2. Watchlists sync with Option Stalker Pro (desktop)
  3. Access your synced Custom Searches
  4. Toggle bearish and bullish preconfigured scanners
  5. Click the "+" icon to create new Watchlists or Custom Searches
  6. Access lists anytime via the OneOption logo in the nav bar

Custom Searches

One of OneOptions most powerful features is Custom Search. Now you can build and view new searches from anywhere with Option Stalker's mobile search platform.


  1. Expand and collapse parameter groups by pressing these buttons
  2. Define search parameters by clicking the checkboxes
  3. When you're ready, click this button to view your results.

Custom Search Results

  1. View the search parameters using the "i" icon.
  2. Use the menu to create a new custom search or remove the current one.
  3. Bonus: Now you can share custom searches! Just copy the page URL and share.


Option Stalker charts are lean to keep you focused on the essentials. With these mobile charts you can quickly flip through your lists and consider potential candidates using 1OP, 1OSI, and 1OVol.


  1. Trade signals are always in view. Use them to evaluate stocks and switch between timeframes. Current timeframe is underlined in gold.
  2. Buy and Sell signals are clearly noted on the charts.
  3. Studies include 1OSI (green when positive, red when negative), 1OVol (blue bars), and 1OP (red and blue, not show). Swipe up or down to switch between them.
  4. Toggle between line & candlestick charts.
  5. Add symbol to watchlist.
  6. Arrows allow you to advance to the previous or next symbol in your watchlists, scanners, and searches.
  7. Click the symbol name to quickly change symbols.

Watchlists & Scanners

Option Stalker brings your Pro watchlists and OneOption scanners with you everywhere.


  1. Monitor stocks with real-time updates to price data and trade signals.
  2. Add symbols to watchlist using the "+" icon
  3. Rename, Clear, Remove or Create New lists via the menu
  4. Quickly return to your previous page with the back arrow
  5. Not shown: Swipe to delete symbol from list
  6. Bonus: Share watchlists easily by copying and sharing the URL. If you have loaded a shared watchlist, click Duplicate to save it in your Lists.

Preconfigured Scanners

  1. Toggle Option Liquidity


  1. View Pete's market comments quickly from within the web app
  2. Toggle Light and Dark theme with the theme switch
  3. Help us improve the community using the Suggestion Box
  4. Chat room is available in-app to Chat & Pro subscribers
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