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January 10, 2023

We’ve made a few small UX changes to OptionStalker Pro (OSP) in this update:

Other updates include:

  • TD Ameritrade Notification Update – Broker API error notification no will no longer unnecessarily appear.
  • Workspace List Linking – Scanner & Watchlist link color settings are now saved with Workspace.
  • Persistent EOD Lines now save with Workspace & persist across timeframes
  • Other miscellaneous cosmetic and stability changes.

Visit www.oneoption.com/release-notes for a complete list of updates.

Option Stalker Pro

Time Frame & Chart Style Toolbars Favorites

At the top of all charts, chart styles (candlesticks, line, heikin ashi, etc) and time frames (1m, 5m, 1D, etc) are all adjustable via single-click toolbars. Candlesticks & Heikin Ashi candles are visible by default for chart styles. 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 1D, 1W are visible by default for chart time frame. If you right-click either toolbar, you can edit which options are visible.

Right-click the chart timeframe toolbar to adjust which timeframes are visible at the top of each chart.
Time Frame Keyboard Shortcuts

With a chart panel selected, you can now type 0-9 to bring up the Change Chart dialogue with the Interval field selected. Typing 1m and clicking OK or typing enter/return will change the chart interval to 1 min. Use the following: 5m for 5 minute chart, 1h for 1 hour chart, 1D for daily chart, 1W for weekly chart, and 1MN for monthly chart.

Typing a number while on a chart will initiate the Change Chart dialogue box to change chart time frame.
Chart Axis Dragging

Drag the x-axis at the bottom of a chart to adjust zoom. Drag the y-axis on the right side of a chart to stretch or compress the chart vertically. Double-click an axis to reset it to auto.

Dragging chart axis adjust chart zoom and vertically compression.

December 2022

Welcome to the December 2022 OneOption update. We focused on OptionStalker Pro (OSP). Some of the key highlights include:

Other updates include:

  • Filter Options Included in Workspace – Watchlist/Scanner filter settings are saved with workspace.
  • Indicator Colors Saved With Workspace – Custom colors applied to indicators are saved with workspace.
  • Chart Refresh Shortcut – When a chart is selected, type Ctrl+r to refresh chart
  • Multi-screen Workspace Support
  • Study Crash Fixes
  • Miscellaneous Cosmetic Updates – Platform styles continue to be updated for brand uniformity

Visit www.oneoption.com/release-notes for a complete list of updates.

Option Stalker Pro

Workspace Save/Load

From the File menu, you can now ‘Save Workspace’ to save the charts, indicators and other settings currently present in your workspace layout. When ‘Auto-Load Workspace’ is checked, the most recently saved workspace will load at startup.

File menu accesses workspace functions
Intraday Price Lines

You can now display price levels for Previous Day High, Previous Day Low, and Daily SMA 20, 50, 100, and 200 on intraday charts. Simply Right-click the chart to apply.

Right-click>EOD Lines displays intraday price lines
New Study: Laguerre RSI (LRSI)

Apply the LRSI via ‘All Studies’ on a chart. Learn more about this indicator with this video.

LRSI oscillator is displayed above volume
New Study: Keybar

Apply Keybar via ‘1O Studies’ on a chart. A key bar has a greater than average ATR, a large body relative to the intraday range and better than average volume. Typically these bars resulted from a trend day that saw persistent buying/selling. They tend to continue in the direction, particularly if that candle coincides with a breakout above a trendline or a major moving average. When these candles reverse, it happens very quickly. If the open from that candle is reversed, the follow through in the opposite direction will last for at least a few days. When these candles appear at the extreme of a range, use extra caution and confirm the directional strength. Key bars are displayed as candlesticks without fill.

Keybars are outlined and not filled
Volume Bug Fix

User reported issues with volume bars becoming either unresponsive or inaccurate. Volume bars now reliably display correct volume across all APIs. Thank you for your feedback!

Persistent Trendlines

Trendlines now are saved on a chart. If you draw a trendline on ABC, change chart symbol to view stock XYZ, then return to view chart for ABC, the trendline you drew will remain. We hope to apply this across different timeframes in the future. Stay tuned!

Earnings Icons Visibility Toggle

Not only did we redesign the earnings icons (let us know if you prefer them larger!), but we also added the option to show/hide these icons on a chart. Simply Right-click chart to toggle earnings icon visibility.

Right-click chart to show/hide earnings icons
Zoom Standardization

Some users reported chart zoom adjusting slightly when a chart symbol is changed. We made some changes to prevent this behavior. Now, chart zoom is fixed unchanged when switching symbols. This ensures that charts are aligned when stacked vertically, such as for comparison to SPY.

Standardized zoom allows stacked charts to display aligned candlesticks
Add Symbol To Watchlist Shortcut

There’s a new way to quickly add symbols to watchlist: Right-click charts and lists to bring up the dialogue and click ‘Add XXX to Watchlist…’ or ‘Append to List’.

Right-click>Append to List to add symbol to watchlist