What is 1Option?

1Option was founded in 2006 by me – Pete Stolcers. I'm a seasoned veteran in the options industry with 30 years of experience and I trade full-time. I spent a fortune developing my proprietary software over the last 10 years and I share it with other traders. You will find dozens of video tutorials by visiting Stalker Training on the website. Option Stalker has everything you could ever want in a platform. One video focuses on the most powerful proprietary indicator you will ever find. It is all I use to day trade the S&P 500 e-mini futures. Please watch the videos and then take the 1 week trial.

Are you tired of the same old tools and indicators? So was I. That is why I developed my own software and indicators. This truly unique set of research tools is available to traders who are willing to watch the videos in Stalker Training.

What is Option Chat?

Option Chat starts each day with extensive pre-open market analysis. I explain the events that are driving the market and I predict market movement for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. During the trading day I provide play-by-play market analysis and I post all of my S&P 500 trades (entry/exit/stops). I also educate members when I see a particular pattern setting. I take screen shots and I post annotated charts.

Early in the day I post stocks that are on my radar. Members share the stocks they are trading. We look for specific patterns and we all know the basis for the trade when a symbol is posted. I require that timely entries and exits are provided and I do not tolerate late posts (always winners). Casual talk is not permitted and we are laser focused on making money each day. Members find trade using the Option Stalker searches and they are guided by the trading system and the proprietary indicators.

The chat room also includes 2 real-time searches that match current market conditions and I can change them at will.

Trade signals for the SPY/QQQ are displayed in a table for multiple time frames (5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes). These signals help us gauge market strength and they reinforce the importance of market direction.

The beauty of Option Chat is that the trades have a common basis. They are not just pulled out of thin air. We all know the rationale for the trades and we often post screen shots of the search criteria we used to find them.

Members who start with Option Chat are likely to sign-up for the “golden goose” – Option Stalker.

How can I learn more about Option Stalker?

I have not provided much information about Option Stalker in this FAQ page because I have dedicated an entire library of videos to it. Everything you need to know is in those videos. Option Stalker offers near real-time data from the IEX exchange. It is called near real-time because it is updated every 20 seconds and because it is only from one exchange. If you are using a five minute chart you will not notice much of a difference. A 15 minute chart or longer is usually identical to a chart that uses consolidated data. Traders who have brokerage accounts with Tradier or Interactive Brokers can interface through the API and they can get real-time consolidated quotes. You can also trade through Option Stalker through those brokerage APIs.

Does Option Stalker provide education?

Yes! On Wednesday nights I record an instructional video. I use the Option Stalker search engine to quickly find trades. During the presentation you will learn trading techniques and I will find two great trades for the next morning. The platform indicators and buy/sell arrows will tell you when to enter the trade, when to take profits and when to stop out. These videos are perfect for swing traders who conduct end of day analysis and the video will pop-up when you log into Option Stalker.

Is Option Chat included in the Option Stalker subscription?

No, Option Chat is a separate subscription. This is a powerful tandem and I encourage members to sign-up for both.

Is the 1Option Indicator (1OP) also good for swing trading?

Yes. I use a five minute chart (M5) when I day trade. For swing trades you need to use a longer time frame for your charts (M30 or H1).

Do you offer a trial for Option Stalker?

Option Stalker has a one-week trial that costs $1 and there is a limit of one per person. You will have full access and near real-time data. If credit card security is your concern, please know that 1Option does not collect credit card information. The transaction is processed by one of the nation's largest transaction gateways (Authorize.net) and your credit card information is as secure as possible. The fact that you were willing to spend $1 tells me that you are serious. During the week you will find some incredible trades using Option Stalker and you will see great trades posted in the chat room.

Why is the software called Option Stalker?

We are directional traders and that means we have to patiently wait for conditions to line up. Everything starts with the market and my comments and my futures trades. They will keep you on the right side of the action. The Market Rating and Market Signals in the chat room will also help you. With the wind at your back (market) you can target stocks using the Option Stalker scanner. It will put you right at the point of ambush. Pounce on the opportunity and share the trade with the other traders in the chat room.

Can I use Option Stalker on my tablet?

Option Stalker is Windows based and it will not work on a tablet. The viewing area is too small. It will work on a laptop or desktop that has Windows (or a Windows emulation program for Mac users).

How do I get support?

On the home page please click the green Live Chat banner (flashing in right margin). I will answer your questions during market hours.

Who writes your market commentary?

All of the research you see is done by me. I spend hours each day analyzing the market. Everything starts with the market so I'd better get it right.

Is the subscription set to auto-renew?

Yes. You can cancel the auto-renew at any time in the Account area and continue to use the chat room until it expires. You can also update your credit card information in the Account area.

Do you offer any training?

Yes. I have a library of videos dedicated to educating traders. Please click "Stalker Training" on the main menu. Option Buyer has annotated charts and a detailed analysis of the trade so you will learn my process.

Do you offer refunds?

1Option does not offer refunds. Take the $1 trial and you will have access to everything. Please make sure to watch the videos. They will describe everything in Option Stalker.

Why is Option Stalker so expensive?

My proprietary indicator works. Master it and you will find that Option Stalker pays for itself many times over.