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Subscription FAQ's

What is OneOption?

OneOption helps active traders make money. Our trade signals are incredibly accurate and our market forecast will keep you on the right side of the action. Day trading is our bread-and-butter and we make money every day in all market environments. When the market is trending we swing trade stocks and options, but our focus is on ringing the register every day. Most of our money is made in the first few hours of trading.

Can I talk to someone who uses your system?

Of course! I don't have any cherry picked testimonials on my website for good reason. I want you to interact with other traders in the chat room. During the free trial just click their name and privately chat with them. Ask them how they like the system. What other firm lets you do this?

If this is so good, why aren't there thousands of users?

I don't advertise. If more people knew about this system, there would be thousands of users. My focus is on trading. If you sign up I know I can help you make a lot of money and I can teach you how to trade. If you don't sign up - no problem. This system is not for everyone and I will NOT hound you. Regardless of your decision, we are going to keep grinding out profits every day.

How do I know this works?

Take the 1 Week Free Trial and I will prove that we make money every day. Just follow our trades in the chat room.

Can I talk to the founder?

Yes. As a member (or during the free trial) you can click Pete in the left margin of the chat room during market hours. I will privately chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

How do I get the trade signals?

Log-in, click Chat on the main menu and view the bullish and bearish lists. These stocks have gone through a rigorous screening and they are ready to day trade RIGHT NOW. Many traders simply focus on the top five. The chat room includes market analysis and members post their entry/exit real-time. The chat room is a think tank for serious traders.

Why do I only see 15 symbols for each search?

We want to focus on the best of the best. These stocks are ready to trade right now. As the list updates new symbols will rise to the top. We don't have to look for them, they come to us.

Are the stock lists updated frequently?

Yes, the stock lists are updated every minute throughout the day. Stocks are continually tested and the best rise to the top.

Are the charts on the website real-time?

The intraday chart is real-time and the six month chart is end of day. The P&L for each stock updates every minute so that you can gauge the performance of each candidate from the time it hit the list.

Do I need to change brokerage firms?

No. You can keep the chat room open and use your current brokerage interface to view charts and placed rates. Just type in the symbols from the list and focus on the top five candidates. Our website is mobile friendly so you can use it when you are on the go.

Why don't you day trade options?

Option liquidity on the vast majority of stocks is terrible. The bid/ask spread is a mile wide and you can never buy a bid or sell an ask. When we day trade stocks, we buy bids and sell asks all day long and the spreads are much tighter. Option implied volatilities can also be an issue and the deltas can be low. A $.40 move in a stock would provide a nice profit, but it might not make any money if options are traded. Market conditions change quickly and we can be nimble when we trade stock. We might have to enter and exit trades quickly and we have the opportunity to "scratch them". This would not be true for options because we are always trading against Market Makers. We take advantage of 4:1 day trading leverage and with that kind of buying power we don't need to trade options. There is a video on day trading options in the Tutorial section of the website.

What is the minimum account size?

Traders need to have at least $25,000 in an account to satisfy day trading margin requirements. This federal law is enforced by all brokerage firms. Once this requirement is met you can enter and exit trades as often as you'd like and you can take advantage of 4:1 intraday leverage.

How can I learn more about trading these signals?

Our tutorial section has all of the information you need to successfully trade our system. Please watch all of them. Also, pay close attention when charts are posted to the chat room. These are real-time lessons.

Is this only for seasoned traders?

This trading system is very easy to learn and many of the traders in the chat room were new when they started. All we ask is that you learn the pattern before you post your trades in the chat room. It normally takes a few months to get into the groove if you have no trading experience.

How much time is required each day?

Two hours. If you log-in 30 minutes after the open and trade the next two hours, you will catch most of the action. I provide market analysis and I will tell you which side to be on. Use the bullish or bearish list and focus on the top five stocks. I make 90% of my money in the first few hours of trading and I usually do not trade the afternoon. We have many international traders who are up late. They grab the "meat of the move" in the first 2 hours and they call it a day.

Do you offer any other resources?

Yes. Our trading platform is part of the solution and it is free to paying members. It has a real-time interface with Tradier Brokerage and Interactive Brokers and an account with them is required for real-time data. Both firms offer the lowest commission rates in the business and that is why they were selected. For more information on the trading platform, please view the videos in the Tutorial section.

Can you recommend a broker?

I would suggest Tradier Brokerage or Interactive Brokers. You need to pay no more than $.01/share round turn and have a low minimum. Interactive Brokers has a $2 minimum per trade. Tradier Brokerage charges $3.45 per trade no matter how many shares you do. If you open an account with either firm you will also be able to pull in live data and use our state of the art trading platform.

Do I need to use the platform?

No. You can make a lot of money just using the Bull/Bear searches on the website and the chat room. That said, if you are willing to go through the hassle of moving brokerage firms, the platform is filled with incredible research and it is VERY easy to use. It is also FREE to chat room members. There is also an end of day version that does not interface with brokerage firms. Give it a try when you sign up for the free trial.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sign-up for the 1 Week Free Trial on our home page. A credit card is not required. I will prove that we make money every day.

How does the system perform in down markets?

We are traders and we don't care which way the market goes. The system loves bear markets and bull markets.

If the system does not work, can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds. Take the 1 Week Free Trial and judge our performance. You can also talk to other traders in the chat room via private chat. There are ample opportunities to decide if this is right for you before you sign up.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscriptions are managed on the website. Go to: and click Login. Enter your user information. Once you are logged in click Account. You will see all of the subscriptions listed. To the right you will see the word Cancel. Click it and your subscription will not renew. You can use the subscription until it expires.

What if I change my mind and I want to continue the subscription after I cancelled it?

If the subscription has not lapsed, follow the same log in procedure as outlined above. Next to the subscription you will see the word Reactivate. Click it and your subscription will renew as scheduled.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Unfortunately we do not have this capability.

If I cancel my subscription can I get my old rate back?

Unfortunately no. This is one of the added benefits of maintaining your subscription. As long as you don't cancel it, it will renew at the price you paid.

Do all of the subscriptions renew?

All of the subscriptions are set to auto renew. If you do not want to be billed in the future you must cancel the auto-renew. You can continue to use the service until it expires.

How do I update my credit card information?

Login to the website, click Account and under Payment Information click Edit Card.

1Option Platform

Does the 1Option trading platform run on Mac?

The platform is designed to work on Microsoft Windows. We do not support Mac, but many users have successfully used ParallelsCrossover and VMware Fusion.

How do I subscribe to the Platform?

The platform is part of our trader solution and it is not offered separately.

How do I download the platform?

The platform can be downloaded on the platform product page. It can be downloaded to many different computers, but only one session can run at a time.

How do I get updates for new versions?

Each time a new version is available, the platform will ask you if you want to update during log in. We are constantly making improvements and you should always choose to update. You can also update it manually by going here.

How do I install the components for the Interactive Broker API?

That is already included in the download and we continually check for new API versions.

Why can't I login?

It is important to remember that the platform is a client-based application that resides on your computer. It is not web-based. Once you download the platform an icon (shortcut) will automatically be added to your desktop. To launch the platform, go to your computer desktop and double-click the 1Option icon. It has a white background and a black "O" with a blue 1 in it. When you see the login window, enter your e-mail and password. Use the same information as you use to login to the website. If you enter the wrong information the platform will not launch and you need to contact us by using the chat in the Live Help area. Click here during market hours.

I still can't login.

There are three common causes for this issue. You are behind a firewall, the platform/update did not install properly or your password is incorrect. The solution for each issue is described below. If you are still having issues after trouble shooting, please send an e-mail to: During market hours you can also launch the chat.

What if I'm behind a firewall?

Most companies have firewalls for security reasons. You might not be able to download the application and/or receive data. Many users install and run the platform on their home computer. Then they download a free application on their work computer called TeamViewer. This allows you to remotely connect to your home computer and you can see your home desktop on your work computer. The application is called a remote desktop. You can launch the platform from work and see the alerts on your work computer, tablet or smart phone.

What if the download/update did not properly install?

Close the platform. It is always best to try a fresh update. Click here to update. If that does not work, go to your computer control panel and uninstall the 1Option Platform. Then use this same link to download the platform.

What if my password doesn't work?

Send an e-mail to and include the password you would like to use. We will update it as soon as possible and send a reply. During market hours this might only take a few minutes.

Why does the platform ask me if I want to start TWS?

If you do not have an Interactive Brokers account, click no. If you do have an Interactive Brokers account, click yes. Both platforms need to be running and interfaced.

What do the background colors represent in the systems tables?

We color code the systems tables in the platform. New trades appear at the top and have a gold background. Current positions have a white background and appear in the middle of the table. Exits appear at the bottom and they have a blue background. This scheme makes it easy to spot entries and exits.

Are the signals real-time in the end of day version?

Yes, the trade signals are real-time in both versions.

Are the quotes real-time?

There is an end of day version and a real-time version. Tradier Brokers and Interactive Brokers customers can use the API to get real-time quotes. All other users will need to use the end of day version. The end of day version does have a pop-up intraday chart provided through Yahoo so you can see the current price on the chart.

When are the end of day quotes updated?

The end of day quotes are available about 3 hours after the closing bell.

How can I enter a symbol so that I can bring up a chart?

Simply position your cursor over a chart and start typing the symbol and hit enter. During the process, you will see a dialog box and you can also enter a symbol at this time to overlay charts for comparison.

What are the gauges at the top of the chart?

We have proprietary algorithms that evaluate and weight many technical and fundamental variables. These gauges display OneOption's proprietary expert rating for each stock. They are dynamic and the breakdown behind the weighting can be viewed in the Stock ER area. The expert ratings adapt quickly and you should consider these ratings to be our current opinion of the stock. To remove the gauges, right-click and unmark the Show Ratings checkmark.

Can I use the platform at work?

You can download the platform to as many PCs as you want, but you can only have one session open at a time. The biggest issue with this scenario is corporate firewalls. Most companies will not allow you to download software onto their computers. It is always best to check with your IT department.

Why did my platform crash?

The platform is stable, but there could be conflicting software applications. If you have configured the e-mail/text alerts you can do the following. Click File in the upper left corner and then click Send Logs. Please provide a brief description of what happened and your log will be sent to tech support. We will be able to analyze the issue. Crashes are VERY infrequent.

Do you offer a mobile solution?

The website adjusts to all screen display sizes and you can view the website on your cell phone or tablet.

Can I install the platform on multiple computers?

Yes, but you can only run one session at a time.

Is there a tutorial?

Yes. There are many instructional videos on the Tutorials page.

Platform Charting

How can I enter a symbol?

Simply place the cursor over the chart and start typing. Hit enter and the chart will change.

How can I overlay a chart?

Place the cursor over the chart and start typing the first symbol. You will notice a dialog box where you can enter the second symbol. Type it in and hit enter. The second symbol will always display a line chart in gray.

Why can't I see the entry and exit arrows for the system?

The entry and exit arrows for a system can only be viewed by subscribers to that system. They are only visible when daily bars are displayed and they will not show up on charts that use shorter time frames (i.e. 5-minute bars). If you're having this issue and you are a subscriber click 1D for the time frame and they will appear. It is also possible that some stocks have not triggered trades for a particular system.

Why can't I scroll through all of the technical studies that are available?

If you are using dual monitors and the primary monitor is reversed (on the right), the scrolling arrow at the bottom of the technical studies list will not appear. Once the monitors are properly configured (number one on the left and number two on the right), the technical studies drop-down will display and you will see the scrolling arrow at the bottom.

How do I configure technical studies?

When you select a new study, you are able to enter the time frame and other variables. If you want to remove the study, right-click and select remove studies. A pop-up window will ask you which one you would like to remove.

How can I save a chart with all of my technical studies?

Along the bottom of the chart you will see a triangle next to the magnifying glasses. Click that icon and select Save Template. Name the chart and click OK. You can load this chart any time by clicking the triangle icon and selecting Load Template. You will see a list of chart names that have been saved.

What is the pattern recognition feature?

That program will identify common patterns (i.e. double bottom) for the stock that is displayed. The program will go back and identify when that pattern has appeared in the past.

How can I display the arrows and track record for a system that I subscribe to?

You can select the System from the drop-down menu at the top. When you do that, it will display the arrows and P&L in the upper left-hand corner of the chart. If you want to display this information you can also click Systems above the chart. You will see a drop-down that you can select from. This feature will allow you to see how that system has performed historically for symbols that you want to enter.

How can I display other time frames?

Across the top of the chart will see a series of icons starting with M1. That represents 1 min. bars. D1 represents daily bars and should be used when displaying system entry and exit points. W1 displays weekly bars (each bar is one week worth of data). MN is used to view monthly bars.

Are the charts real-time?

The charts are real-time for Tradier Brokerage and Interactive Brokers customers using the API. End of day users do have the pop-up chart provided by Yahoo.

What are the dials at the top of the chart?

These are proprietary stock expert ratings. They are dynamic and the reading is an accurate assessment of where the stock is technically and fundamentally. Over 60 variables are constantly weighted and evaluated. For a further breakdown, click the Stock ER tab. If you want to see remove the gauges, right-click and deselect Show Ratings.

Can I change the colors?

The colors cannot be changed. We want to keep the design simple and these color combinations are very easy on the eyes. The platform does not have a lot of flashy colors.

What does the TL60 icon at the bottom of the chart do?

That is a proprietary trend line that is automatically drawn by the platform over the 60 day time frame. TL 200 and TL 120 operate in a similar manner and they represent 200 days 120 days respectively.

What does the icon SMA 20 at the bottom of the chart do?

That is a 20 period simple moving average. You will see longer-term thing averages next to it. This makes it easy to toggle on and toggle off frequently used technical studies.

What does the blank magnifying glass at the bottom of the chart do?

That simply restores the default display. If you zoomed in on a chart, click the blank magnifying glass and you will revert to the default display.

Platform Lists

Why can't I add more symbols to my list?

We currently limit the list to 50 symbols so that our servers are not taxed by streaming quotes. You can create multiple lists and move between them.

How do I create a list?

At the top of the platform select Lists. From the drop-down select <Create>. Name the list and type in the symbol. After each symbol hit enter. When you are done click Save & Close. In the future you will see the list in the drop-down menu and you can select it.

What does the little play arrow at the top of the List do?

That is a feature we call auto flip. Once you click it, a new stock is highlighted every 5 seconds. This allows you to view many charts quickly and you can use your pattern recognition skills identified opportunities. When you see something of interest, click the pause icon. When you are done, click the play arrow resume.

How do I delete a watchlist?

Once you have selected a List, click the garbage can icon.

What does the Plus Sign icon (+) do at the top?

That feature is called Tag. If you see an interesting chart, click that icon and the symbol will be added to the Tag watchlist. This is very helpful when you are using the auto flip feature. Keep the cursor over the + and click it to save an interesting chart that you want to go back to. When you are done going through all of the charts in the list, select Tag from the drop-down and you will see all of the symbols you tagged. It is important to rename this list if you want to save it. The Tag watchlist is cleared every time you log off. I use this routine everyday with the Scanner.

How can I find a stock symbol?

Simply click the icon that looks like an eye and enter a company name in the pop-up window. Once you start typing, the platform will provide likely candidates.

Platform Tutorials

Where can I find tutorials?

On the website you will find video tutorials on the Tutorials page. You can also sign up for free webinars. They are conducted periodically and there is a question-and-answer session after the presentation. The webinars are also posted on the Tutorials page.

Platform Scanner

Are the scans real-time in the end of day version?

The scans are real-time in the end of day version. The bullish scans are listed with the largest dollar gain at the top in descending order. The bearish scans are listed with the largest dollar loser at the top in ascending order. This allows you to quickly find the biggest movers. Users can pop-up the intraday chart provided by Yahoo to see the actual price.

How do I subscribe to the Scanner?

The scanner is part of our comprehensive trading solution and it can't be purchased separately.

Who would benefit from the Scanner?

Traders looking for high probability technical setups will love the Scanner. This is the cornerstone to all of my research. I use the auto flip and tag features to quickly view all of the stocks. I use my pattern recognition skills to narrow the candidates and I can quickly evaluate the fundamentals using the expert rating gauge. If you know a good chart you see one and you are comfortable getting in and out of trades on your own, this product is for you.

Can I develop my own searches?

The Scanner is preconfigured and you can only select from our proprietary searches. There are more than 80 to choose from. You are not able to create your own searches.

What are the searches looking for?

These searches find long-term trends and short-term momentum. Some of the tail end price movements include breakouts, gaps, range days, relative strength and trend line breaches.

What do the four letter acronyms stand for?

The searches are categorized and you can learn more about each one by viewing the Scanner video on the Tutorials page. You can also get a description of the search by clicking the Question Mark icon (?) at the top of the list.

Are the searches conducted in real-time?

Yes, the searches all use real-time data.

Platform – Brokers API

Which is the preferred broker?

For US citizens, Tradier Brokerage is the best choice. Their rates are lower and they will pay for the platform and the scanner if you do more than 20 trades per month. They also do not have symbol limits and the platform operates better in this environment. International customers should use Interactive Brokers. They have been selected as the top brokerage firm by Barron's many times.

How do I get started?

Please watch the Interactive Brokers video located in the Tutorials page.

Why do I have to subscribe to the Broker API?

If you don't have a Tradier Brokerage and Interactive Brokers (IB) account, do not sign up for this. If you do have an account, this subscription will allow you to integrate order entry. OneOption, LLC wants you to agree to the terms and conditions. The cost is only one dollar per year and that barely covers the transaction fee. This subscription will allow you to access the order entry screen, position manager and the ATS for trading systems.

How do I configure the API?

Tradier is very easy to use. Click the 1Option icon on your desktop and a log in pop-up will appear. Select Tradier from the drop down and enter your 1Option log in information. Once you submit the information, you will see a second Tradier pop-up. Enter your account information and you will interface.

The Interactive Brokers platform (TWS) does require configuration, in the IB platform click the wrench icon, click Configure, select API, select Settings and mark the first box (Enable ActiveX). Click OK and you are set. Please watch the video located in the Tutorials page. If you plan on automating trades without confirmation, then you will also need to take this step. Under API in the Interactive Brokers platform, select Precautions. Mark the first box (Bypass order precautions for API orders).

Does TWS have to be running in order for the platform to interface?

Yes. When the platform starts up will ask you if you want to start TWS. Answer yes. Both platforms will launch and you will see a small pop-up window from Interactive Brokers that asks "Accept incoming connection?" Click yes and two platforms will interface. In the lower right-hand corner of the 1Option Trading Platform will see Interactive Brokers and the word On. If it says Off, click it and the little Interactive Brokers pop-up will appear. Click OK and the connection be established.

Can I view an option chain?

Yes. Once the connection is established, click Broker API and select Order Entry. You will see an Option tab across the top. Click it. Type the stock symbol in the box. Hit enter and the option chain will load. Place the cursor in the middle of the chain and those strike prices will be highlighted in yellow. Click and real-time option quotes will be displayed.

Can I trade from the option chain?

Yes. Double-click on an ask price and it will load the order along with all of the other option information. t will assume you are buying to open because you clicked the ask price. If you double-click the bid price, it will assume you are selling to close. It also enters the default settings to match your trading profile. If you specify Contingent Criteria on the 1Option Trading Platform, realize that the order resides on your computer and is waiting for the conditions to be met. If your computer loses its connection, the order will be lost. All conventional order types (i.e. market or limit orders) are routed to Interactive Brokers and they will reside on their servers.

Will other brokerage APIs be offered?

The development cost is extremely high. The only one I am considering is TD Ameritrade. If you are a customer, let them know you want them to offer 1Option. Click here (

How can I connect more than 1 software program to IB's API?

Interactive Brokers will help you with this. You will need to enter a client ID and a port. The client ID for the platform is the version number. You can get that number from the pop-up when you log into the platform. The port is 7496.