What is 1Option?

1Option was founded in 2006 by me – Pete Stolcers. I'm a seasoned veteran in the options industry with 30 years of experience. Those three decades of trading have forged my systematic trading approach. Nail the market; find the best stocks… apply leverage. We go through this process every minute of every day and I will teach you how to do it with real trades.

My research can be purchased separately and you can view it on any mobile device. This product is described in detail below and you can try it for the day by clicking “Try It” or “Try Our Research Now” on the home page.

For traders who want more than just our research we have a comprehensive trading solution called Option Stalker. Tradier Brokerage and Interactive Brokers customers can take the free trial that lasts through the current month. Option Stalker is a fully integrated trading platform that offers seamless order entry through these deep discount brokerage firms. The Option Stalker subscription includes our research and its powerful searches will help you find the best stocks.

Please register with the website and then log in to read my 60-page eBook on how to trade options. You will see how all of the pieces fit together. If you follow my process your trading performance will improve dramatically.

I offer a free day pass for my research, free educational videos, a free eBook on how to trade options and a free Option Stalker trial that can last up to a month commission free. Even if you don't subscribe to any of my products, I hope that your time spent learning about 1Option will improve your trading.

What does your research day pass include?

Click Try It or Try Our Research Now on the home page and register for our research day pass. A confirmation email will be sent immediately and once you click the confirmation link you will be logged into our Research. You will see lots of great trades during the day, but you should spend the day reviewing trades from the last few days or the last few weeks. This is your opportunity to get a feel for the accuracy of our trades and market forecast.

Why is the free Research trial only good for a day?

A day is more than enough time to get a feel for our accuracy. You have the benefit of hindsight and you can verify every trade. By registering for the day pass you will also have the opportunity to get your first month of Research for 50% off. This is a very cost effective way to put us to the test and that special offer will be sent in an e‑mail once you register for the day pass.

I suggest watching the Weekly Swing Trading videos located at the top of our Tutorial page. Every video reviews ALL of the picks in the prior video. This is another great way to gauge our performance.

What does your research include?

Each day starts with extensive pre-open market analysis. I explain the events that are driving the market and I predict market movement for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. During the trading day I provide play‑by‑play market analysis and I post all of my S&P 500 trades (entry/exit/stops). I also educate members when I see a particular pattern setting up. I take screen shots and I post annotated charts.

Early in the day I post stocks that are on my radar and members share the stocks they are trading. We look for specific patterns and we all know the basis for the trade when a symbol is posted. I require that timely entries and exits are provided and I do not tolerate late posts. We are laser focused on making money each day and there is no time for casual talk.

The research page hosts our chat room and 2 real‑time searches that match the current market conditions. It also includes trade signals from our system for the SPY/QQQ for multiple time frames (5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes). These signals help us gauge market strength and they reinforce the importance of market direction.

Our goal is to provide you will a handful of excellent trades during the day so that you can make money while you learn how to find your own trades.

Members who start with our research often upgrade to Option Stalker.

Do you offer refunds?

Research offers a free day pass so you can try before you buy. The subscription is monthly and you will have an opportunity to save 50% on your first month if you act on the special offer email that is sent when you sign up for the day pass. This is a low cost, short duration subscription and we do not offer refunds.

Option Stalker offers a free trial of up to 31 days. You have plenty of time to try out the platform before you subscribe and we do not offer refunds for Option Stalker.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log into the website and click Account. Next to your subscription you will see the word cancel. Click it and the auto-renew will be deactivated. You can continue to use the product until it expires. If you change your mind and you want to continue, click Activate next to the subscription and the auto-renewal will be turned on.

Does Option Stalker include research?

Yes. You can access the research through Option Stalker. The morning comments and the videos are posted in a pop-up bulletin. Click Chat Room at the top of the platform and you can pop‑up a separate window to video it. Alternatively, you can log into the website and click Research. Most users prefer using the website since it includes our market indicators

How can I learn more about Option Stalker?

The fastest way to learn about Option Stalker is to read the manual located on the download page. It details all of the features and it highlights our favorite searches and under which market conditions to use them. The videos on the Tutorial page are an excellent resource and you will see Option Stalker in action with all of its features.

Does Option Stalker provide education?

Yes. Our research is filled with educational content. We don't just highlight trades, we explain the decision making process and we devise a game plan. You will see this in all of our videos, the chat room and the pre‑open market comments. Our free eBook on options trading walks you through our systematic approach from start to finish.

Do you offer a trial for Option Stalker?

Yes. Our free trials require you to create a user profile on our website. We will email you all of the information you need to get started. Option Stalker interfaces with Tradier Brokerage and unlimited commission‑free stock and option trades are included with that trial. Option Stalker also interfaces with the Interactive Brokers API (this trial does NOT include free commissions).

Can I use Option Stalker on my tablet?

Option Stalker is Windows based and it will not work on a tablet. The viewing area is too small. It will work on a laptop or desktop that has Windows (or a Windows emulation program for Mac users).

How do I get support?

On the website please click Help at the top of every page. We will answer your questions during market hours. Please avoid the opening bell since I am trying to get my morning comments posted. Often I am available after market hours – try me

How do I change stock symbols on the Option Stalker charts?

Place the cursor anywhere on the chart, type the symbol and hit enter. Please spend time reviewing the Option Stalker manual. It will answer all of your questions and you will learn how to get the most out of Option Stalker. For instance, it describes our favorite searches and under which market conditions to use them. The manual also explains how to use diagonal alert lines to trade

Who writes your market commentary?

All of the research you see is done by me. I spend hours each day analyzing the market. Everything starts with the market so I'd better get it right.

Is the subscription set to auto-renew?

Yes. You can cancel the auto-renew at any time in the Account area and continue to use the chat room until it expires. You can also update your credit card information in the Account area.

Do you offer any training?

Yes. I have a library of videos dedicated to educating traders. Please click Tutorials on the main menu. We offer the free 60-page eBook and it will help you put all of the pieces together. Annotated charts are posted to the chat room to highlight specific trading patterns. In short, everything 1Option touches has an element of education

Does Option Stalker have order entry?

Yes. Enter multi-legged option orders with easy and trade stock with one click right from the chart. Please watch the order entry video in Tutorials. Our order entry features also include OCO orders and trailing stops.

Why is the symbol stuck on SPY when I use the Interactive Brokers API?

This means that Option Stalker is not able to pull the required data from Interactive Brokers (IB). You need to log into IB's client portal and add the North American bundle. Once you do that you will be able to pull real‑time stock and option data.

Why do I get the error “Failed to Initialize API” when using the Interactive Brokers API?

Please find Edit in the Interactive Brokers platform (TWS) and then select Global Configuration. Click it and then select API and then Settings. Please make sure the first box (Enable ActiveX) is marked. Also make sure that your port setting is 7496 and that the Read‑Only box is not marked.

IB API settings