I Told You After Trump Was Elected – “Market Will Make A New All-time High”

November 22, 2016
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

If you find my market comments to be of value PLEASE POST A REVIEW ON INVESTIMONIALS. I put a lot of effort into my comments each day and this is my only reward. Thank you in advance, it really means a lot to me. Posted 9:45 AM ET - I told you that the market was going to make a new all-time high after Trump was elected. Last week I told you it would happen before Thanksgiving. Here we are. The news is light and no one will stand in front of this breakout ahead of a holiday when the trading volume is light. We have seasonal strength pushing the market higher and for the time being a December interest-rate hike and credit concerns in Europe are not an issue (they will be towards the end of the month). The market will float higher. Watch for an early probe for support today. Stocks won't budge much, but buyers want to make sure that the breakout is legitimate so the bid will be tested early. If stocks shoulder a light round of selling, we will grind higher the rest of the day. This dip will be the buying opportunity you want to jump on. We have been making fantastic money in the chat room. Take the free trial and see for yourself. Trading volumes will drop off in the afternoon and Wednesday will be light. I will look for opportunities early in the day and I will not trade the afternoon session. Try to get long early in the day. Support is at SPY $219.30 . . image

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